Three year old Little Dude with given this Ice Cream Truck Lego set.  We has a good play with it whilst on our holiday.

According to the box it’s for children ages 5 and up.  Little Dude is 3 years old but he’s long since grown out of putting little things in his mouth so I’m happy for him to play with “big kid” Lego.  He’s been sharing his sister’s for quite some time now and the only issue is that he does tend to lose it more easily than I’d like but that’s manageable with a little close supervision.

He can’t build the Lego set, I have to do that for him of course.  But that’s OK, I quite enjoy it.  Most Lego set instructions start with the characters or smaller accessories so it’s easy to assemble these quickly and give them to the children so they can start playing while I build the main structure for them.

City Great Vehicles LEGO 60253 Ice-Cream Truck
City Great Vehicles LEGO 60253 Ice-Cream Truck

I’m really impressed with this Lego set, it’s the first Lego city set I’ve assembled in decades.  The side of the Ice Cream truck is hinged so that the kiddos can get in to play.  The side window also slides open which is a great feature.  

Little Dude is entering the role playing stage so this is perfect.  He doesn’t just push the truck along like any toy car, he actually plays with the Lego characters.  The little skater dude begs for ice cream at the truck window.  

The best bit about these Lego models is that Little Dude has free reign to pull them apart and see how they are assembled without anyone telling him off for “breaking” his toys.  He’s developing a fascination for how things work and just loves to investigate.  I’m looking forward to watching him re-assemble them after dismantling them, his big sister is really enjoying this phase and it’s become a fabulous outlet for her creativity.

City Great Vehicles LEGO 60253 Ice-Cream Truck Toy Review
City Great Vehicles LEGO 60253 Ice-Cream Truck Toy Review

When I asked Little Dude to pose for a photo with his new toy this was the face he pulled.  I couldn’t not share it.

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