I’m sharing my go to weekly spread in my Rocketbook Bullet Journal. I use this spread to track and record my day to day life and everything that I cram into that life!

I’ve been using the same weekly Bullet Journal spread in my Rocketbook for years now, so it must be working pretty well for me. I don’t see many spreads like this so I thought I’d share it with the world. Hopefully it will inspire you to change and adapt other people’s spreads to suit your own needs. After all a Bullet Journal should work for you, not the other way round!

Most of the spreads I see focus on a space for each day with very little space left for weekly information. They seem to add the weekly details onto the monthly spreads but that doesn’t work for me. I like my weekly shopping list (for example) to be right next to my daily tasks.

Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

At the top of the right hand page I have the dates. I enclose these in double hashtags to tell the Rocketbook app that this is to be the title of my note when I upload it to my Evernote notebook.

Next I have a space for my shopping list. It always surprises me that more Bullet Journal’s don’t include easily accessible shopping lists. Doesn’t everyone need somewhere to jot down “get more honey”?

I also keep a weekly task list. I find that if I assign my tasks to a specific day they end up getting lost and forgotten about. Most of my tasks need to be squeezed into my busy life as and when I get chance instead of being scheduled in advance.

Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

I keep a little space below the shopping and task lists for my Habit Tracker, Meal Planner and Weekly Goals.

I find it useful to keep track of what we’ve eaten or are planning to eat. That way I can make sure that the meals in the freezer are being evenly rotated and we aren’t stuck eating the same thing too much. It’s also helpful to note down any special requests or events.

There’s certain little things I try to do everyday like spend some quality time with each of the children and have a quick wipe down of the kitchen. I keep a little weekly habit tracker to keep track on how well I’m doing. I’m not all that sure that it helps to motivate me particularly. I may switch up this section a little bit going forward.

That’s the beauty of a bullet journal, if it’s not working for you, you can change it next week.

There’s certain things I like to achieve every week, like complete sewing project and make a handmade card. I try to keep track of what I’ve done in each area.

Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

On the opposite page I have my daily notes. There’s a little space for each day. I’ve tried other layouts but I keep coming back to this one. It’s just the right amount of space to jot down a few tasks for the day.

I also leave space to track my water intake and how many portions of vegetables I’m getting. I’ve got a little lax on this lately. I’ve always struggled to translate my annual goals into those little weekly and daily habits that effect the real changes.

Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

At the bottom of each of my Rocketbook pages I cross out the Rocketbook symbol which tells the Rocketbook app that this note should be sent to the Calendar notebook in my Evernote.

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I do hope my Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread has inspired you to create your own.

Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Rocketbook Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

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