A quick little tour of my tiny pantry. I hope it gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own pantry layout.

So let’s start at the top. I have to get a step stool to reach the very top shelf so I keep my baking and entertaining bits up here.

The little tea cup deserves a mention. I took the kids out for dinner with some friends and the kids meal came with “tea”. It was squash served in a tea pot with a little tea cup for each child. The kids had great fun.

Little Miss had a friend come over for the afternoon and when I asked her if she’d like to do anything special she requested a tea party. I thought this was a great idea and scoured the charity shops for a cute little tea pot for the girls (and Little Dude) to play with. All four of the kids had a fabulous time so this little tea pot has been put away for the next “tea party”.

On the next shelf I have all my shelf stable cooking ingredients. So that’s flours, vinegars and sugars in front. On the back shelf I have some less frequently used spices that won’t fit into my little spice rack. I also keep my stock cubes, baking additives and pectin here as I use them little often than the flours. I’ve got a stash of spare flours and sugar packets right in the back, just in case we eat a lot of bread one week.

I keep honey and chocolate spread in here too. I keep debating if this is the right choice as the children mostly eat these for breakfast so should they go with the breakfast supplies? But that cupboard is a little full and gets messy easily. It’s also easily accessed by the little ones so I have visions of a smashed honey jar with honey oozing all over my kitchen floor. That or an empty chocolate spread jar with a very cheeky, chocolatey grin for me to clean.

I’m not sure what I’d call the stuff on this next shelf. Re-heating ingredients maybe? This is where I keep the ingredients I use to get dinner on the table rather than to actually cook a meal from scratch.

So there’s pasta, rice, spaghetti, couscous and noodles. I have olive oil for making salad dressings, vegetable oil for cooking and there’s some spray oil hiding in there as that’s easier for some frying.

I keep a few tins of veggies in here, mushy peas for an occasional cheat meal of fish and chips. And baked beans as it’s one of the few veggies that kids will occasionally eat, always good to have on hand. I also keep a couple of tins of puddings in case the kids actually eat all their dinner and I want to offer them a little treat afterwards. Little Miss likes rice pudding and Little Dude enjoys custard.

We do have a fakeaway meal once a week and this week it’s hot dogs which is why there’s some hot dogs and a tin of chicken curry in there.

I mostly keep my canned jars at the very bottom. They were at the top of the pantry but I found I was in danger of smashing a jar as I was reaching up for something. The children are pretty good about not being silly with glass jars nowadays so I figured it would be perfectly safe to move the jars to the bottom shelf.

There’s also room for a few extra bits and bats, mostly duplicates of the things on the more easily accessed shelves. I tend to pick up things we eat regularly when I’m not sure if we need them or not. Things with a long shelf life I mean. So it’s quite common for me to have a few extra packets of pasta in the cupboard.

I made a bit more space by mounting the spice rack on the back of the door. I’ve also got my measuring cups hanging off the bottom of the rack to save even more space.

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I do hope my little Pantry Tour has given you some ideas for your own food storage.

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