I treated my Little Dude to a new Paw Patrol jigsaw from the Range.

My Little Dude had a nasty accident and an unpleasant trip to hospital. I took Little Miss to the Range to pick up some supplies for a school project and while we were there we chose a little present for Little Dude to cheer him up.

This Paw Patrol jigsaw cost £5.99 which was more than I planned to spend on an impromptu treat. But I knew that my children would get a good amount of educational play value out of it so I didn’t mind too much.

4-in-1 Trefl Paw Patrol Puzzle
4-in-1 Trefl Paw Patrol Puzzle

We unpacked the jigsaw on a rainy afternoon when we had a spare half hour. Both kids got stuck straight in and loved making up the first jigsaw.

Each jigsaw has different shapes on the back. For example the pirates has circles. So it was easy to pull out the pieces for just one of the four jigsaws in the box.

Trefl Puzzle Paw Patrol Toy Review
Trefl Puzzle Paw Patrol Toy Review

Each jigsaw has a different number of pieces and a different level of difficulty. My kids started with the 15 piece design. Little Dude is three years old and he was really proud of himself for assembling a few of the pieces all by himself. At six years old Little Miss didn’t find the jigsaws challenging and was able to complete them easily. However she really enjoyed helping her little brother.

The children spent a very happy half hour making up the jigsaws and have asked for it again since. It was a lovely little toy and I’d definitely consider buying another one in the range.

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