Our local Christmas Winter Wonderland event turned into a muddy mess but we still had a great time jumping in puddles and of course meeting Santa.

Our local Neighbourhood Watch group organised a fundraising event for Christmas. They arranged a Santa’s Grotto and so I booked the children in to see “the big man”.

I feel like the larger, more commercial events are often poor value for money. It’s not like the gift is going to be tailored to the child’s interests so I don’t really see the point in spending a lot of money on it. I’m much happier making a donation to charity and getting a cheaper toy – I suspect this year’s offering is a book of some kind, which is perfect.

My kids still get to see Santa and they really don’t care that it’s someone’s grandad in a costume and not a professional Santa.

When the day of the Christmas Winter Wonderland arrived, the heavens opened. And it didn’t stop pouring down with rain all day. The field in which the Winter Wonderland was held, quickly turned into a mud pit.

Christmas Winter Wonderland Visit to Santa - Elf Hunt
Christmas Winter Wonderland Visit to Santa – Elf Hunt

We were a little late arriving as we had a visit from family earlier in the morning. By the time we got there the last of the fair ground rides was just being towed away. There was just one stall holder left, a charity tombola.

I could moan about the weather but what else can I expect in winter in the north of England?

We laughed about it and joined the very wet muddy que to see Santa.

Then we did the Elf hunt in the pouring rain. The kids got soaked through to their undies. Goodness knows how as they were both wearing waterproof coats?!?!

The kids had a fantastic day, albeit a very, very soggy one!

Memories aren’t made of Pinterest perfect days, they’re made of the imperfect messy days that you make the most of.

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Christmas Winter Wonderland Visit to Santa
Christmas Winter Wonderland Visit to Santa

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