This King Cole pattern features lots of lovely detailed cables which gives it loads of texture and warmth. It’s got the perfect mix of interest and mindless knitting, making it one of my favourite patterns.

Knitting Yarn

I’ve knitted this up in Robin Aran with wool which has unfortunately been discontinued. This is actually a second life for this yarn, it started out as a gents jumper but he didn’t like the fit so I ripped it out. Accompanied with much grumbling about what an ungrateful chimp he is – no I didn’t use the word chimp! I’ll leave the exact wording to your imagination.

I was really impressed with how well the yarn stood up to this rough treatment. It’s been worn and washed a couple of times in it’s previous life but there was no evidence of felting or bobbling to speak of. I balled up the knitting yarn and there it stayed for about a year while I worked on other projects.

When I came to knit it up into this coat for Little Miss the yarn was totally fine and knitted up beautifully. Thankfully Little Miss was grateful for my time and effort and loves her new hoody.

Knitting Pattern

The knitting pattern is taken form King Cole’s Aran Book 2. I bought this book not long after Little Miss was born. I was a bit disappointed that only the blanket and sleeping bag patterns were suitable for new born babies. Of course I quickly learned that babies grow in the blink of an eye so my disappointment did not last.

I think I’ve knitted something from just about every size in the book. There’s a plain and simple stocking stitch cardigan, good for mindless knitting when I was too tired to tackle a more involved project. I also knitted a cardigan and a jumper which feature a little bit of cabling detail, still an easy knitting project but with just a little interest to stop them from being boring. The pattern book includes a beautiful vintage style cardigan too, I love the design very much but it’s too feminine to pass down to my Little Dude so I’ve been sticking to unisex knitting patterns since he came along.

King Cole’s Aran Book 2

I think the Little Teddy Coat in my favourite knitting pattern from the whole book. It’s probably the most challenging because it’s the most heavily cabled. But there is some large areas of Irish moss stitch on the sleeves and hood. I tend to alternate between the cabled sections and the Irish moss stitch so I have a more challenging section followed by a bit of a break.

The dark navy yarn did make the pattern more difficult to knit up and I’m sure it’s contributed to the mistakes that I’ve made. I think one of the things I love about cabled knitting patterns is how well they hide small mistakes. As long as the larger cables are correct the little mistakes fade into the background. I’m definitely feeling a lighter colour for my next project.

Unfortunately this will be my last project from King Cole’s Aran Book 2. The knitting patterns go up to a size 7 years. Little Miss has just turned 6 so she’s in the largest size. This hoody will fit her for this winter and hopefully next – she’s wonderfully petite so her clothes can last two years if I make them with growing room. After she grows out out of the coat it will be passed onto Little Dude who should hopefully get another two years wear from my hard work.

King Cole Little Teddy Coat Aran Knitting Project
King Cole Little Teddy Coat Aran Knitting Project

Products Used

Robin Aran with Wool Denim

I do hope you have enjoyed having a peak at my latest knitting project. Please feel free to use my handmade craft projects to inspire your own creations, pin it to your Pinterest for later.

King Cole Little Teddy Coat Aran Knitting Project
King Cole Little Teddy Coat Aran Knitting Project

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